Lasersko rezanje cijevi
Laser cutting

Our laser-cutting machine of 4,4 kW is equipped with leading-edge technology.

lasersko rezanje cijevi
Laser tube cutting

Cromex completed the service offer by launching 3D Laser FIBER LT 8.10. The laser has power of 3.5 kW.

Savijanje apkant presom Cromex BiH projedor
Press brake bending

Our press brakes provide precision bending of materials up to 4.000 mm length, with a pressure of up to 320 tons.

varenje aluminijuma i inoxa
Metal welding

Certified and controlled by ISO 3834-3 ISO 1090-2

3d savijanje cijevi
3D tube bending

There are several bending technologies used for bending the tubes. The ideal method depends on material specifications, dimensions, wall thickness and bent product requirements.

planiranje i razvoj
Planning and development

From idea to realization.
Drawing in ACAD and SOLIDWORKS, designing and testing.

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